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Intruder Alarms from Panoramic Security Solutions

If you require an Intruder Detection System, let Panoramic Security Solutions install and service it for you. Whether your requirement is for a basic ‘stand alone’ system or you need a remotely monitored alarm with Redcare, then Panoramic Security Solutions are the intruder alarm specialists for you.

We are SSAIB registered installers, certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standards.

All our installations comply with European Standard EN 50131-1:2004 incorporating PD 6662:2004 and will be designed to Grade 2, 3 or 4 as required by your insurers. If your insurance company has specified that your intruder alarm requires Police Response, then in addition, the system will be designed to DD243:2004 with confirmed alarm and we will advise you on the appropriate specifications you need.

We would be more than happy to completely review your existing intruder alarm installation and provide our advice and guidance on it’s suitability.

Every system we supply will have been designed following an extensive survey and risk assessment, with installation completed to the highest standards of workmanship. All our intruder alarm installations come with an SSAIB compliance certificate issued on completion.

All our new systems are:

Maintenance and Takeovers

Alarm systems need regular servicing and maintanence and very importantly may be a condition of your business premises insurance and their requirements could call for any such maintenance to be completed by an approved installation engineer. All our engineers comply with SSAIB and as such our inspections will be acceptable to your insurer.

For companies with existing alarm systems seeking support, guidance, advice and maintenance, Panoramic Security Solutions are here to assist in the following manner:

Alarm Monitoring

All Panoramic Security Solutions Intruder Alarm Systems installed to at least a British Standard, can be connected to our Alarm Monitoring Station using a range of detection systems, from the simplest Digital Communicator, to a Dual Comm with integrated telephone line and GPRS mobile comms.


BT RedCARE monitoring enables us to monitor the state of your telephone line too! So we can be sure that a thief has not cut your phone line to try to interrupt the link to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). If this were to happen we would be able to telephone your key holders or your mobile to alert you to the attempt to compromise your system.

For the very best in monitored security, we can provide RedCARE GSM monitoring. This uses the usual RedCARE monitored BT line, as well as a GSM connection to the ARC. This provides a dual signal path to our ARC and provides peace of mind that an alarm signal will get through, in fact in the extremely unlikely event that both the landline and cellular parts of the system were to be compromised by a determined thief, the Police would accept this immediately from our ARC as a “Confirmed Alarm” situation.

BT RedCARE is one of the most secure forms of alarm monitoring available, because the service provides continuous monitoring of the BT telephone line that links your alarm system to our ARC. The result is continuous protection of your property, every second of the day, 365 days a year.

Unlike other alarm monitoring services, RedCARE both alerts the ARC when it detects a line cut AND provides encryption to prevent the substitution of equipment or “spoofing” (emulation) of line conditions. This is why RedCARE is the most secure system of its kind.

Key benefits and features:

RedCARE is a “Secured By Design” product which meets the highest grade (Grade 4) of European Standard 50131 Specification status.

Smoke Cloak

Panoramic Security Solutions is one of the most experienced suppliers of fog products for security applications. We distribute a computer controlled equipment from MSS providing instant protection at the time of a break in. The “SmokeCloak” brand provides extremely powerful artificial fog generators constructed to work together with existing alarm installations ensuring a unique physical protection at the time of attack.

Installing SmokeCloak on the premises provides a strong first line of protection when a break-in occurs. The protected area is filled with a cloud of fog within seconds.

Protecting your Commercial Property – Business Crime on the Increase

Business crime is on the increase. Whether it’s an external raid or an internal issue of items ‘disappearing’, one report shows that nearly 70% of crime against organisations is theft related – so business owners are searching for a deterrent that really works.

A Powerful Deterrent

SmartWater creates powerful forensic coding systems, supported by intelligence-led policing strategies, which deter individuals from stealing from you because they know they will be caught and convicted.

Criminals fear the power of forensic science and – regardless of whether their intentions are organised or opportunistic – they will think twice when they see SmartWater warning labels on your business premises and equipment. Why? Because the Police are looking for SmartWater and the criminals know it.

The deterrent power of SmartWater is maintained through our proactive approach; working with the police to undertake covert operations, providing them with forensic services free of charge and providing expert witnesses to convict criminals in the courts.

Proof that it works? SmartWater boasts a 100% conviction record in the courts and can demonstrate massive reductions in crime, across a range of crime categories.

Key benefits and features:

Insurance Benefits

Many insurers are now recognising the benefits of SmartWater forensic protection –
remember to ask your insurer if they provide a discount for SmartWater; we provide you with a Certificate of Registration for this purpose. If your insurer does not offer you a discount, why not contact Rollinson Smith, specialist brokers who GUARANTEE to offer you a 15% discount off your current premium*. This may cover the cost of SmartWater and leave you with change!

* Terms apply

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